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Bringing Dog Behavior Education Into The 21st Century

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Where the sky is the limit with possibilities in behavior restoration

Dogs are pack animals with a Hierarchy and 7 emotions that make them sentient beings

K9 Dogs learn from each other in our group therapy sessions. Nothing is gained by keeping problem dogs isolated.  This only perpetuates the problem of anti social behavior.

Controlled Indoor Group Therapy for Dogs

K9 Rehabilitation Systems takes education and knowledge of K9's into the 21st century and opens their doors to anyone who wants to genuinely learn about their furry best friend.  We are not a training facility.  We are a rehabilitation and education center for all animals with issues.  We now have 7 locations across the  country and our rehabilitaters are in just about every doggie daycare, pet store , pet resort,  shelter in New Mexico . We have been succesful at teaching many trainers and animal care workers in our unique methodology when it comes to dealing with difficult behaviors.  Don't trust your dog to just anyone who claims to be a trainer or self prescribed FB guru,  Trust your dog to   the experts with a proven track record who is not afraid to be controversial when it comes to standing up for your dog. 

Join us every Wednesday evening at 7 pm for an evening of learning, interacting and group therapy.  We offer instruction in all animal issues and teach people how to keep their dog engaged with their humans and to avoid triggers that can send them into making bad decisions.  Because we are a pet friendly facility, you can bring your dog or pet with you as you enjoy an informative video, guest speakers and engaging in informative sessions so that you can understand how your pets tick.  For more information you can contact our main headquarters at 505-480-1973 .

All Breeds Welcome

Weekly Educational Seminars

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