What is a 24 hour doggie daycare?

   Some may be confused as to what the difference is from a 24 hour daycare vs boarding facility.  Its pretty easy really. A 24 hour daycare provides flexibility and convenience of drop off and pick up hours.  It allows dogs to stay for up to 24 hours before they have to exit the facility.  A boarding facility has fixed drop off and pick up hours which aren't always convenient for more people who work early or late hours.  Most dogs are stuck in their kennels or runs for days or weeks without much social interaction with other dogs or humans.  24 hour daycares allows people who work shift hours to drop off their dogs at 11 pm or 5 in the morning if necessary.  

    At K9 Rehab we combine convenience with therapeutic treatment for difficult dogs.  Many dogs are kicked out of  traditional boarding or daycares due to behavior issues.  Not the case at K9, where we take reactive or socially inept dogs and transform them into little canine citizens with our unique integration socials.  We run them all day long and allow dogs to learn social skills under the careful skilled eyes of its trainers and handlers.

    We had a question recently if dogs stay the night?  The answer is, nightfall does occur during a 24 hour period.  As many of our clients are firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses and shift workers,  they often drop off their pets at 5 am and work 12 shifts only to come home and sleep a few hours before returning to pick up their dogs. Their dogs are allowed to follow their usual schedules without disruption and go home happy and balanced. 

    24 hour daycares are nothing new really.  They are popping up all over the country and we modeled our facility   after the ones in San Diego California and Columbus Ohio.  Its a great progressive idea that cities with open minds and a vision for success can appreciate. 

    We take all  kinds of dogs from big to small, reactive to social, and young to old.  How can we help you keep your dog engaged night or day so you can provide for your dog with out worry?  Call us at 505-480-1973

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