From Death Row to Miracle Workers

Savannah trained as a seizure alert dog

Steve changed laws for disabled children

Learning to pull a basket for his mobility limited handler

Diabetic Alert dog for young child

Gizmo is a mobility and and PTSD dog for a Navy Veteran

Labelled Dangerous yet a proven life saver for a seizure patient

Chica Learning from her Mentor Savannah

Breed Bans didn't stop this pit from service work

Homeless to a fulfilling life in a home

Chocolate changed lives in Alabama

Gizmo..Tiny dog, big job

Sadie cares for her 100 % disabled owner

Banned in Miami yet federal law protects this miracle workers he can assist his owner


From Death Row at a High Kill Shelter to a Service Dog Extraordinare

   After working with hundreds of dogs who were dumped at high kill shelters, we have found that these dogs that are labelled by humans for convenience purposes, make the best Service Dogs.  Many others who were mistakenly labeled dangerous because of human error or ignorance, just needed some guidance and structure.  Our Service Dog trainers at our many locations, can give your dog the job that will bring out their potential.  We can refer you to a trainer who can help you train your dog do perform tasks that mitigate your disability.  We comply to all Assistance Dog International standards and stand behind your dog all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  Give us a call and we will assist you in changing your life and the life of a dog in need. 

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