Rehabilitation:  "To Restore back to its original state"

Rehabilitation is not training.  Its a total restoration of an animal or a human back to their originally intended state.

  Traditional obedience training does not fix your dog's problem so why do so many trainers think that making your dog sit, stay, leave and come here is gonna change aggression, reactivity or resource guarding? 

  Our unique yet not new approach to treating the whole dog as well as the whole human has changed the way most people address their dog's problem behavior.


Rehab Treatment Programs:

4 Day Detox and foundational

Treatment Program:  595.00 plus tax

We start with a diagnostic evaluation to determine what is going on with your

dogs brain,

then​ we go over nutrition, physical issues that could affect

behavior and the household dynamics that could be contributing

to bad behavior. 

The dog is then placed in our program and assigned to a K9 Guardian who works with your dog and lives with your dog for those four days.  The dog detoxes from adrenalin, learns perception modification and is introduced into a stable social pack and becomes foundationally balanced.  Now your dog can start to think clearer and make better choices. 

Intensive Treatment Program for Difficult Dogs:  $1495.00

  This unique program combines detox treatment, foundational

work , our staff Veterinarian  rules out problems that could

be affecting behavior.  We will discuss the need for medication,

physical intervention, bodywork and energy work, perception

modifications to external stimuli, balanced integration into social

circles, nutritional needs, and so much more.  This program connects your dog with a full-time K9 Guardian who works with the dog to help the dog get balanced and restored to their original state.  This program is for unlimited time so there is no pressure to force changes when the dog is not ready for them..Most of these programs last 2 weeks to 2 months and is followed up with an exit interview so you can set your dog up for success at home and elsewhere.

Sunday Morning Pack Walks and indoor group therapy:



   Our unique large scale group therapy sessions allow dogs to do what they were intended to pack animals.  Nothing is gained when you keep your dog isolated because they have bad behavior. This only perpetuates the problem.  All dogs are welcome and even if they are not perfect yet. Our qualified staff will support you along the walk and assess your dog along the way. We work on leash handling skills to keep your dog out of trouble and help you through our handling exercises so you can help your dog think instead of react.  Our walk is followed up by our pet friendly indoor group therapy session where your dog can come off leash and enjoy the company of their fellow canines.  

   Dog parks are inherently dangerous simply because there is too much energy going on among unstable dogs.  The owners are not paying attention to important body language signals and fights happen  often and owners are ill equipped to break up a fight.

   This doesn't happen in our sessions because we mimic nature...Nature moves and humans do not interact with canines.  We let dogs be dogs and help them balance out and overcome social anxiety, reactivity, resource guarding and much more.  We often muzzle for safety and start dogs onleash  and in a very short period of time (sometimes less than 15 minutes)  the dog is off leash and hanging out.  Its an awesome process to watch.  And yes we support the human too.  Our pack walks are free and are included in any of our rehab programs. 

4 week treatment program:  300.00 

  * Free evaluation

  * Change neural programming

  * Restore relevance

  * Group Therapy

  * Includes Pack Walk and Wednesday night Education and STEP Seminar

  * Treadmill Therapy

  *  Much more tailored to your dog's needs


6 week treatment Program :  350.00

   * Free evaluation

  *  Perception Modification

  *  Group Therapy

  *  Treadmill training

  *  Neural reprogramming

  *  Restore Relevance

  *  Nosework

  *  Neurobics program

  *  Includes Wednesday night STEP Seminar and educational seminars and Sunday Morning Pack Walk.


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